The high-tech – and invisible – way to hear better.

Lyric is the world’s first – and only – invisible hearing device that delivers natural sound. With its exclusive battery technology and moisture protection, it performs 24/7 for months at a time.

What makes Lyric unique?

  • It sits inside the ear, so it's 100% invisible.
  • It's hassle-free hearing assistance. 
  • It doesn't require battery changes, cleaning or repair.
  • It captures clear natural sound, even in noisy settings.
  • It can be worn during most daily activities, like sleeping, showering and exercising.

How does Lyric work?

Lyric is placed comfortably close to the ear drum. This enables the ear to capture sound and funnel it toward the ear drum organically, just as it would without a hearing device. As a result, Lyric is able to offer pure, natural sound quality and improved hearing – even in noisy background settings.


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